Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I sign up for classes?
Register for courses through Holly Springs Parks & Recreation, either online (where there is a convenience fee added) or at a Town facility (such as the Hunt Center or Cultural Center), where there is no added fee.
What's this about a waiver?
Students (and a parent, if the student is a minor) must sign a waiver with The Sword Conservatory. We apologize for the extra paperwork and realize that when you register for a class with Holly Springs Parks and Recreation, you are already agreeing to a waiver. However, that waiver does not include The Sword Conservatory or our instructors in any way. Thus, in order to properly protect our organization, our instructors, and be better able to continue to provide services, we need to have a waiver directly between us and our students.
Where are classes held?
W.E. Hunt Recreation Center
301 Stinson Avenue
Holly Springs, NC 27540
See the front desk for which room each class is in.
How Much Are Classes?
See the Town of Holly Springs Parks & Recreation page linked to above for rates.
Why are the rates for non-Holly Springs residents different?
This is policy for the Town of Holly Springs, NC. The Parks & Recreation department's purpose is primarily to provide services to the residents of Holly Springs. There is actually a rule which mandates that residents pay less than non-residents.
Why are your rates so cheap? You provide a month of classes for what some businesses charge for just one class (sometimes even just one hour).
We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach swordfighting skills to as many people as possible. Part of pursuing that goal means making our classes as easy to afford as possible. That, in itself, doesn't mean we can charge low rates; if we couldn't cover our costs, we wouldn't exist for long.
The reality is that we go to a lot of effort to keep our costs low, and are helped considerably by our non-profit designation (thank you, IRS!), a town that values providing great services to its residents (thank you, Holly Springs, NC!), and - most of all - a 100% volunteer staff.
So, the next time you are in class, say "thank you" to your instructors. They are there for the love of what they do, and receive no monetary compensation.
What Equipment do I need? What should I wear?
It depends on the class. See the descriptions for details.
In general, come to class wearing comfortable athletic clothes.
For classes where students do need to purchase equipment, our instructors are happy to help advise you on your options. All of our classes have loaner equipment on hand to enable students to take part in some way from day-1.
Can I bring my own Equipment?
Please keep your own equipment at home until you have had a chance to discuss it with an instructor, to ensure that it is compatible with the equipment being used.
Sharp and/or projectile weapons are not allowed.
Didn't you used to teach Stage Combat & Fight Choreography?
Yes we did, and we still do, just not in a regular class. Due to lack of interest, we had to discontinue the regular class. Now, we primarily teach stage combat as part of theatrical productions. (We've also done the fight choreography for a TV show pilot.) Reach out to us if you have a need for your production!
If you are interested in learning Stage Combat, we'd recommend taking Historical Fencing or one of our Medieval classes to begin with. Starting off with a good foundation in a martial form (i.e. one that's designed for combat, not for show) will give you authentic stance, footwork, attacks, & guards. From there, you can add on the safety techniques and "eye candy" needed to make a fight entertaining.
I have additional questions. How can I find out more?
We will happily answer questions e-mailed to
You are welcome to stop by to observe class and ask questions any time.